Line and voltage drop tester, 12 V

The MX100 is the first multimeter dedicated to diagnostic work on automobile electrical circuits. It is an essential unit for checking the quality of the vehicle's power supplies and grounds.

Reference: MX100

Category: Electricity

Activity: Training institutions

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Model for vehicles with 12V systems (0-20 V range).

Line and voltage drop tester with two displays. The first continuously indicates the battery voltage. The second, used with the measurement accessories, indicates (as required) the value of: the measured voltage, the voltage difference with respect to the ground or to battery's +, the resistance in Ohms between the test point and the battery's + or -, the current in A with a commercially-available current clamp.


Unit with an outer edge shock-absorber (200 x 95 x 47 mm), supplied in its storage case with its instructions for use. Lead with test probe supplied for taking measurements

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