PWM, frequency and voltage generator

A unit used to measure and simulate signals relating to: voltage, PWM and frequency. With integrated protective features.

Reference: GI3000

Category: Electricity - Electronics / Electricity

Activity: Manufacturers - equipment manufacturers / Training institutions

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The GI3000 can control most of a vehicle's sensors and actuators. To achieve this, it measures or simulates various signals: Battery voltage measurement, Voltage measurement from 0 to 16 V, Voltage simulation from 0 to 5 V, Frequency measurement from 1 to 500 Hz, Frequency simulation from 10 to 500 Hz, Pulse width modulation measurement from 1 to 99%, Pulse width modulation simulation from 5 to 95% (with a frequency variable from 10 to 500 Hz).


ABS plastic housing with outer edge shock-absorber (200 x 95 x 47 mm), supplied in its storage case with instructions for use and two connection cables.

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