USB / ETHERNET 4C4L communication interface

The USB-MUX-4C4L box is an interface which meets the requirements for multi-bus communication and data acquisition

Reference: USB-MUX-4C4L

Category: Communication interfaces

Activity: Manufacturers - equipment manufacturers

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The USB-MUX-4C4L unit is a USB/ETHERNET communication interface which has 4 CAN (HS/LS/SW) links, 4 LIN/ISO9141 links, 12 ANA 0-16V or 0-32V inputs (including 1 timer input), 4 ISO9141 (L) or 0-24V binary inputs, and 6 binary/PWM outputs.


The USB-MUX-4C4L interface box is supplied in a case together with:

  • a USB cable
  • a development kit (software libraries, typical codes, etc.)
  • USB drivers user documentation


  • "Muxtrace Expert" application
  •  AMUX cable harnesses/adapters
  •  Extension for "DLC Option" autonomous data logger

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