Since 1989, ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE has developed, produced and marketed, under the EXXOTEST© brand name, products which cover every phase in the life of the control, regulation and servo systems fitted to vehicles and mobile machinery.

Design – Optimization – Qualification – Diagnosis & Maintenance – Training


Our personnel offer technical, commercial and service solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each phase in the life of your projects: training, design, prototyping, validation tests, pre-production debugging, production, after-sales.

To enable our customers to focus on delivering added value, we strive to anticipate the evolution of their business by continuously advancing the performance of EXXOTEST© solutions in every business application.

Consequently, and to best serve customer requirements, EXXOTEST© products and services are divided into four ranges:


Our know-how

Analysis of on-board communication networks

This is the DNA of Annecy Electronique. For nearly 20 years, we have supported manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and integrators with the development, validation, production or integration of their on-board communication systems.

Diagnosis & Measurement: after-sales service tools

We are very familiar with what is expected from an after-sales network. We have developed a large number of bespoke and generic tools that allow you to benefit from the experience we have gained through working with networks of garages and servicing centres for cars, motorcycles, construction & agricultural vehicles/machinery, as well as with centres servicing various types of non-standard vehicle.

Training and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, digital systems

The successful and continuous rolling-out of our customers? new and innovative technologies relies on the skills and expertise of their personnel. To maintain these skills and to acquire new ones, our customers can depend on the quality of our learning supports and on our in-depth understanding of the challenges they face in their specific sectors of business.


ANNECY ELECTRONIQUE also provides solutions to the very specific challenges inherent to the design of on-board electronics and computerized systems. Our design office and our test and validation departments create electronic components and systems and the associated on-board software. The operational continuity of our systems is preserved by our own landed software: diagnostics and updates, in garages, workshops and remotely.

From the control unit to the screen, and from learning modules to a fleet management system, our aim to satisfy your requirements.