Controlador circuito de carga arranque 24V 1000A

Controlador circuito de carga arranque 24V/1000A. Para un vehículo 24V con medidas de corriente de hasta 1000A.

Referencia: MI450

Categoría: Electricidad

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The MI450 is used to check the charging, start-up and pre-heating circuits on a vehicle with 24V systems. It can simultaneously perform: battery voltage measurement, current measurement with indication of the direction (battery charging or discharging), saving in the memory of the value of the overvoltage, the minimum voltage and the maximum current during start-up, and glow plug diagnosis before removal.


Unit with an outer edge shock-absorber (200 x 95 x 47 mm), supplied in its storage case with a spare shunt plate, a measuring lead and instructions for use.


SH203 : Kit de 2 Shunts 1000A