The Green Expedition: Team Exxotest® on the road towards Nordkapp

Departure given this Monday, February 11, 2019 for The Green Expedition. A 4000 km raid that will take series electric vehicles from Paris to Nordkapp in the heart of winter and using the public charging stations on the route.

The Team Exxotest®, with its crew Corine Jamier and Frédérick Mlynarczvyk, take on board the BMW i3, the challenge of reaching the far north of Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, in conditions of temperatures deemed particularly hostile to electric vehicles.

If Exxotest Education is proud to accompany this eco-responsible journey, it’s not just for the human adventure. Indeed, the information collected on this course will allow us to better understand the technical problems encountered, autonomy, charging speed at temperatures close to -30 ° C, …

This wealth of information, resulting from a real feedback, will benefit the further development of educational solutions VE.

We wish a safe trip to these crews whose drivers will have to demonstrate an exemplary eco-conduct on this extreme course, under the organization of ATO already experienced in many raids.

Follow the adventure in real time!