Charging and start-up circuit tester, 12 V/500 A

The MI250S is used to check the charging, start-up and pre-heating circuits on a vehicle with 12V systems It incorporates a device which can store the memories of certain items of equipment (clock, car radio, etc.) while the unit is connected to the vehicle.

Reference: MI250S

Category: Electricity - Electronics

Activity: Manufacturers - equipment manufacturers

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The MI250S can simultaneously perform: battery voltage measurement, current measurement (up to 500 A) with indication of the direction (battery charging or discharging), saving in the memory of the value of the overvoltage, the minimum voltage and the maximum current during start-up, glow plug diagnosis before removal and indication of a leakage current of more than 30 mA.


Unit with an outer edge shock-absorber (200 x 95 x 47 mm), supplied in its storage case with a spare shunt plate, a measuring lead and instructions for use.


SH201: Kit of four, 500 A shunts

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