Vladimir Putin’s visit to Moscow Technograd – Oct. 2018

In front of more than 2000 participants, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, insisted on the need to develop training in technical trades.
He was able to see the quality of the Exxotest® Education equipment presented by our Russian partner Sergey Klochkov, General Manager of Academy of Automotive Diagnostics, and assured him of his support in the technological and educational choices for the training of future technicians in car maintenance.

– Electric vehicle: HE-3000
– Hybrid Model: HE-3020
– Braking and road holding: MT-ESP1000, MT-TWINGO, MT-DAE
– Engine and transmission: MT-ENGINE-D, MT-ENGINE-E, MT-BVR, MT-E5000, MT-H9000
– Measurement: BAP108C and associated interfaces beams, CL550
– Multiplexed networks: MT-CAN-LIN-BSI
– Air conditioning: MT-C5001

Exxotest Russia Technograd

Vladimir Putin’s visit at Moscow Technograd – Oct. 2018