Benchtop learning module: Measuring steering wheel angle positions using an actual sensor.

The DT-M001 is a learning support which facilitates the study and measurement of steering wheel angle positions and features an actual automotive sensor.

Reference: DT-M001

Category: Sensors / Actuators

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The DT-M001 module has been developed to facilitate the study of the device which measures the steering wheel angle; this automotive function is essential for the operation of the ESP system.

This sensor, mounted between the lighting selector switches and the steering wheel sensor, supplies the ESP control unit with information about the steering angle of the front wheels. The measurement, converted into numerical data, is transmitted on a CAN High Speed data bus (500 kbits/s).

The signal generated by the sensor prior to its numerical conversion can be measured using two analog outputs on the front panel.



The DT-M001 module is supplied with :

  • user documentation
  • practical exercises
  • leads for 4 mm sockets
  • a power supply adjustable from 5 to 29 V / 3 A
  • USB-MUX-DIAGII communication interface + PC app specific to the DT-M001.


  • DT-E001, electronic control unit: data processing, study of Analog/Digial conversion.
  • REFLET8, the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).

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