Benchtop learning module: Controlling stepper motors

Support for learning about actuators: Controlling stepper motors: Idle air control valve actuator, Air recycling motor and Headlamp beam height adjustment

Reference: DT-C005

Category: Sensors / Actuators

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The DT-C005 module facilitates the study of the function involved in controlling stepper motors. The model features actual automotive components: idle air control valve actuator, air recycling motor and headlamp beam height adjustment.

It is used to analyse the operation and control of the stepper motors, to identify the nature of the signals transmitted by the control component, to study a wiring diagram and to use a unit compatible with the measurement of the signals.


The DT-C005 module is supplied with:

  • user documentation
  • practical exercises
  • a set of leads for 4 mm sockets
  • a power supply adjustable from 5 to 29 V / 3 A


  • DT-E001, electronic control unit: data processing, study of Analog/Digial conversion
  • REFLET8, the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).

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