Breakdown boxes and cable harnesses – Motorcycle applications

Breakdown boxes, interface cable harnesses and accessories applicable to motorcycles

Reference: BAP-MOTO

Category: Measurement

Activity: Training institutions

Products details

"Breakdown box" solutions involve connecting, between a vehicle's engine control unit and its connection harness, a breakout box and interface harnesses assembly which provides easy access to the ECU's inputs/outputs:

  • for use by the trainee when measuring/logging signals
  • for use by the trainer to create breakdowns

Breakdown boxes and interface cable harnesses are available separately or as kits for specific applications.


Each interface cable harness has a removable internal face and a removable external face which makes it possible to identify which of the connector's pins corresponds to the point being measured


  • BAP-BOUCHON: End cap for one, 36-channel round connector which screws onto cable harness 54-xxx and 108-xxx
  • 54-NU3000: Three-ball cable harness, bare with no connectors, useable length of 3 m on BAP54 and BAP108.

Ordering information

Breakout boxes only (supplied with no interface cable harnesses):

  • Ref. BAP108: 108-channel breakout box
  • Ref. BAP108-C: 108-channel breakout box with mobile trolley
  • Ref. BAP54: 54-channel breakout box
  • Ref. BAP54-C: 54-channel breakout box with mobile trolley

Interface cable harnesses:


  • Ref. 54-M38V: Interface for BAP54 / BAP108, 26-channel and 12-channel connectors for motorcycle ECU Ref. 54-M52V: Interface for BAP54 / BAP108, 34-channel and 18-channel connectors for motorcycle ECU