Software for viewing and analysing electrical signals.

REFLET is a simple and user-friendly app used to view and analyse electrical signals.

Reference: REFLET

Category: Measurement

Activity: Training institutions

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The PC REFLET app gives the user a graphical view of electrical signals and lets the user analyse them in a simple and intuitive manner:

 either through the use of the REFLET8 unit
 or directly by connecting the Exxotest model to a PC (for models equipped with a USB link)

It has a 2D graphic interface, a username-based filing system for managing projects, and graphical processing and printing functions.

It lets the user create, acquire the data for, and view multiple screens in the same same window, log measurements, analyse the logged data, plot graphs of the measurements and export data to a spreadsheet.



The REFLET app generates a pre-defined set of screens corresponding to the EXXOTEST models with which it can be used. It can also be used with the Exxograph graphical analysis software.


 REFLET8: the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).

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