CAN HS, LS and LIN networks model with directional xenon headlamps

Maquette compréhension réseaux CAN HS, LS et LIN avec feux xénon tournants

Reference: MT-CAN-LIN-BSI

Category: Multiplexed networks

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The MT-CAN-LIN-BSI is a learning support, consisting of actual elements, developed to facilitate the study and understanding of the communication networks used on current production vehicles: CAN HS, CAN LS and LIN.

The model is housed in an aluminium frame and features numerous actual parts and systems: instrument panel, headlamp selection stalk, rear lights, BSI, PSF1, rear-vew mirrors, xenon headlamps (elevation and swivel corrector), etc.

It has a built-in breakout box and numerous electrical test points.


The MT-CAN-LIN-BSI model is supplied with :

  • user documentation
  • practical exercises
  • measurement, power supply and connection leads
  • USB-MUX-4C4L data logger with free version of the MUXTRACE software.


REFLET8: the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).

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