Multiplexing benchtop learning module

Multiplexing benchtop learning module, CAN HS, LS and lIN multi-networks

Reference: DT-M010

Category: Multiplexed networks

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The DT-M010 benchtop module is a learning support which facilitates the study and understanding of multiplexed networks.

Networks which can be accessed using the module: 1 CAN Inter-System 500 kbits/s, 1 CAN Low Speed Body 125 Kbits/s, 1 CAN Low Speed Comfort 125 Kbits/s, 1 LIN Windscreen Wiper 19200 bits/s, 1 LIN Directional Headlights 19200 bits/s



The DT-M010 benchtop module is supplied with:

  • user documentation
  • practical exercises
  • a set of leads for 4 mm sockets
  • a power supply adjustable from 5 to 29 V / 3 A


USB-MUX-4C4L: USB data logger with MUXTRACE software

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