DLC – Data logger configuration app

An application used to configure the conditions under which the logging of data is triggered/stopped and recovered

Reference: DLC Data Logger Control

Category: PC apps

Activity: Manufacturers - equipment manufacturers

Products details

The DLC (Data Logger Control) app, which is indivisable from the data loggers in the Exxotest® range, is a highly intuitive tool ideal for setting up a data logger quickly.

It supports the dbc (CAN) and ldf (LIN) database formats needed to create triggers which can then be combined using logical operators to generate simple or more complex conditions for the triggering/ending of the logging of data.

By using DLC, data loggers can do much more than simply log data. The broad range of possible functionalities include: the creation of tables for the transmission of functional frames, requests for diagnostics, the programming of LEDs by the user, remote control options, etc.

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