3D multimedia model for learning about HYBRID vehicles, with Serious Game software package, Animations and 3D Video.

This learning model is exclusively dedicated to the study of hybrid technologies and provides a detailed explanation of the operation of a diesel engine combined with an electric traction motor and a starter-alternator.

Reference: HE-3020-SG

Category: Alternative energy

Activity: Training institutions

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The HE-3020-SG model has been developed to facilitate the study of hybrid vehicles (internal combustion engine+electric motor).

This learning support lets the user compare a classical ICE-powered vehicle with a "full hybrid" and with an ICE-powered vehicle with a starter-alternator (micro hybrid or STOP & START).

The Serious Game software educates trainees about safety considerations with respect to electric and hybrid vehicles. This preparation forms part of the requirement for official electrical accreditation (standard UTE C18-550).



The HE-3020-SG model is supplied with:

  • REFLET software
  • user guide, learning resources and practical exercises
  • steering wheel and pedals (accelerator and brake)
  • USB lead
  • power supply cable


  • GU-MEGAMACS-56: multi-manufacturer diagnostic tool.
  • KIT-EPC-EPI: Collective and personal protective equipment which conforms with standard UTE C18-550 for Electric Vehicles/Hybrid Vehicles
  • REFLET8: the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).
  • MT-TABLE: A table on castors with the same dimensions as the MT-ESP1000 model

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