Twizy instrumentation: Data logger and display unit

A logger which records data on the CAN (Controller Area Network) bus to assist with learning about the Renault TWIZY.


Category: Alternative energy

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The DLO-MUXDIAGII-MINIREFLET-TWIZY set of units equips a TWIZY vehicle with the instrumentation required to learn about the vehicle:

The DLO-MUXDIAGII data logger, connected to the Twizy diagnostics connector, saves all the CAN frames transmitted throughout the vehicle and makes it possible to analyse all the vehicle's signals for educational purposes.

The MINIREFLET-TWIZY display unit provides a dynamic display of the key variables: current, voltage torque and speed of the electric engine. Moreover, via its USB communication port, the CAN data can be transferred to the REFLET environment for graphical analysis.



The DLO-MUXDIAGII-MINIREFLET-TWIZY set of units consists of:

  •  An autonomous DLO-MUXDIAG-II data logger with remote control, memory card, data logger configuration software and cable harnesses for connection to the vehicle's diagnostics connector
  •  MINIREFLET real-time display unit with a fitting used to mount it on the vehicle's dashboard
  •  User documentation

Ordering information

  • DLO-MUXDIAGII-TWIZY : Data logger only