Training model for natural gas vehicle (NGV) systems

This learning model has been developed to facilitate training in natural gas systems fitted to NGV. The model is RISK-FREE since compressed air is used instead of natural gas.

Reference: MT-GNV

Category: Alternative energy

Activity: Training institutions

Products details

The MT-GNV model lets trainees learn about natural gas injection systems on NGV in complete safety since compressed air is injected rather than natural gas.

The model features original assemblies, such as: an ignition & injection control unit, an NGV management control unit and gas and petrol injectors. It reproduces the entire system, simulates its operation and can simulate a depressurisation. The trainee can use a dedicated diagnostic tool and carry out the procedure required to replace high and low pressure piping,


The MT-GNV model is supplied with the diagnostic tool made by the manufacturer of the NGV system. It is thus possible to view all the parameters, to activate the solenoid valves and injectors and to modify the configuration. This tool can also used to log data generated during the various phases of operation.

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