Charging and Start-up model for 12V

The MT-4002V is a learning model developed to facilitate the study of automobile charging and start-up circuits (12V).

Reference: MT-4002V

Category: Electricity

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The MT-4002V model has been developed to facilitate an understanding of the fundamentals of electrics in a "Charging and start-up at 12 V" environment.

The model comprises a mounted starter motor and alternator with their associated control and connection panels, a diesel pre- and post-heating panel, a panel fitted with various power consumers, and a variable speed drive for the motor driving the alternator.


The MT-4002V model is supplied with:

  • user documentation
  • practical exercises
  • Charging and start-up circuit tester: MI250S
  • 230V power supply lead


  • REFLET8, the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).
  • MT-TABLE, a table on castors with the same dimensions as the MT-4002V model

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