Phased sequential petrol injection model with electronic throttle control

A phased sequential petrol injection learning model, based on a simulated TU 1.6L 16V petrol engine with electronic throttle control and EOBD. The model has been developed to let users view, analyse and understand the latest generation injection system. It is supplied with a ScanTool OBD diagnostic scan tool.

Reference: MT-E5000

Category: Engines and Transmission

Activity: Training institutions

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Products details

The MT-E5000 model is a learning aid which facilitates the study and understanding of a phased sequential petrol injection system.

This stand-along unit is equipped with various panels used to simulate and present the operation of the system:

  •  an ignition & injection control unit panel with input/output measuring sockets and the option to create faults,
  •  a vehicle/dashboard panel for modifying the road and engine variables and an EOBD diagnostics connector,
  •  an engine panel, consisting of a ¾ cut-away view of the engine, sensors and actuators, and presentation of the injection and ignition cycles.


The MT-E5000 model is supplied with:

  •  user documentation
  •  practical exercises
  •  a CL550 unit for reading parameters and fault codes (EOBD). This unit also performs voltmeter, ammeter and dual-trace oscilloscope functions.
  •  mains power supply lead


  • REFLET8, the data acquisition unit used with REFLET® software (4-trace oscilloscope, etc.).
  • MT-TABLE, a table on castors with the same dimensions as the MT-E5000 model


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